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Peri continues to victimise Jade

Ruby O'Donnell plays Peri Lomax in Hollyoaks

After defacing Jade's locker, Peri finds another way to humiliate her rival...

Peri's missing Tom and blames Jade for coming between them. The girls argue and Peri takes a spiteful photo of Jade when her wig slips. Peri posts the photo online and feels victorious when the vicious comments start.

Meanwhile, Jade tries to help Sonia kick-start her life again and her plan seems to work when Sonia lands a job interview with Jesse for the new salon and they end up kissing. Freddie’s also looking for help at the garage much to Sonia’s delight!

Leela's busted when Cameron and Peri hear her talking to Ste about the baby. Later, Cameron threatens Ste to leave town unless he wants everyone to know about the drugs.

Also, Warren tells Sienna to help him win Maxine back if she wants to get her locked up. Sienna chases down a thief at Price Slice – but it's Nico. Later, Sienna feels triumphant when Maxine and Warren get back together.