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Peri is worried for Lockie

Flying around on roller blades, Theresa nearly crashes into Peri in the village and asks where Lockie is. Thinking he'd gone on the cruise with Porsche, Peri's suspicious about where her uncle could be… She goes to The Tugboat and worries when she finds a watch on the floor, surrounded by glass with blood on it. Meanwhile, Cameron visits a deserted shack where he's holding Lockie hostage….

Despite recent tragedies, Robbie decides to host the annual Roscoes' Boxing Day football match, but Lindsey's annoyed that it's interrupted her time alone with Joe. Later, Lindsey’s delighted when Joe wants to spend more time with her and JJ - but she's thwarted again by the unwanted return of a familiar face… Mercedes!

Also, Zack gives Lisa until the end of the day to tell Simone and Louis the truth – or he will! Zack's stunned to discover Theresa already knew about 'Lisa'. Lisa tells Jade she's going to leave – but as she's getting into a taxi, Jade collapses.