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Peter Barlow visits Ken in hospital

Peter Barlow in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

An anxious Peter Barlow asks Ken if he wants him to leave Weatherfield...

Leanne takes Simon to see Ken, where Tracy tells him that Peter caused Ken’s stroke and she’s sent him packing. Simon’s disappointed he never said goodbye, while Michelle reluctantly agrees that Peter can stay a few days. Later, Peter visits Ken in hospital and asks him if he’d like him to pack his bags. What will Ken say?

The foreman of the jury pronounces the verdict of Clayton’s trial…

While Sinead struggles with the embroidery machine manual, Alya reassures Johnny they’ll have it up and running in no time. However, Johnny’s taken aback to learn that Alya paid for the machine herself.

Liam asks Aidan if he can spend the night with himself and Eva. She enjoys having Liam to stay and texts a picture of an uncomfortable Aidan and Liam to Maria.

Michelle’s furious when Liz admits to Michelle she let slip about her pregnancy to Amy. Will Sarah stay away from Gary?