Phelan fuels Sean's jealousy in Corrie

Pat Phelan in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Phelan winds up Sean, forcing Eileen to make a tough decision

Sean seethes when Phelan makes out Billy spent the night with Todd at No.11 but did a runner before breakfast. Later, Sean’s incensed to find Todd and Billy enjoying a brew on the sofa. Turning to Eileen, Sean tells her she’ll have to choose who she wants to live with and Phelan’s delighted to see his plan coming together.

Gary suggests to Anna that perhaps he and Izzy could try again for Jake’s sake. But Anna tells him he’s fooling himself and he needs to be honest with her.

Zeedan arrives for work to find Robert hungover and dishevelled. Meanwhile, Nick tells Leanne his plans for them to set up in direct competition with the bistro and poach Robert’s staff. But Leanne annoyed and tells him to forget it. Later, she admits to Eva that if she weren’t pregnant then she’d consider getting back with Nick.

Phelan’s thinking of Jason’s money when he offers his dodgy mate Vinny £80k to invest in his latest scam involving a church conversion. But when Eileen reveals she’s already invested £15k in an ISA, he’s furious. Luke invites David for a game of darts. Aidan suggests to Eva they get a takeaway and have a romantic night in.


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