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Sex tape! Pierce records he and reluctant Rhona getting intimate… (VIDEO)

Rhona Goskirk, Pierce Harris

Pierce records a passionate moment between himself and fiancee Rhona on camera

First episode

Having bought a load of Laurel’s saucy underwear, Rhona takes it home to show Pierce. When she ends up modelling it for her fiancé, Pierce gets out his tablet to record the saucy moment, and leaves the camera running as things ‘progress’. The next day, as he’s watching the sexy footage, he spies a text Vanessa has sent Rhona – and isn’t too happy about what it says.

With David about to get his test results to see if his cancer has returned, Jacob’s panicking. If he can’t find his ‘lucky’ coin, he’s convinced David’s health will be doomed.

At Home Farm, Chrissie and Rebecca worry about Lawrence. Are he and Ronnie over for good? Love is a problem for Jai, too, who seems surrounded by happy couples while he’s lonely as hell.

Watch this clip from the episode;