Piper and Broadie are busted by Josh

Broadie promises to take Piper on a surprise date tomorrow after his training session. But as she eagerly waits for him, Brad keeps him late and Brodie misses the date. He begs for forgiveness and she kisses him… only to be busted by Josh!

Amy tells Nene she needs to accept the consequences of what she's done and see a doctor to get medication. Nene agrees, hiding her true panic over the idea of medication. Amy tells Karl that Nene is cooperating, and Karl agrees that if she's really seeking treatment he won't put in an official complaint that could see her stripped of her nursing license for good. But he does explain they still need to tell Brad and he may decide to take things further.

Steph is furious after Paige's attack, and Mark agrees to stay with her – just as friends, of course. But their simmering attraction soon boils over. Paige visits Steph to make amends, only to discover she and Mark have spent the night together. Devastated Paige realises she really has lost Mark for good.

Ellen Markwardt
Listings Editor at TV Times

I've always had a passion for TV and movies, and got my dream job as TV Times Listings Editor over a decade ago. previously I was interviewing celebrities on a freelance basis for What's On TV, TV Easy and TV & Satellite Week magazines. There's nothing better than going behind-the-scenes of TV shows to bring our readers on set secrets and gossip! As well as my main role at TV Times, I also write Coronation Street spoilers for WhattoWatch.com and write daily On Demand reviews.