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Piper's back to school with a bang

Piper's nervous about returning to school, especially when she runs into Susan. When Piper does finally arrive to the classroom, she is greeted with a mixed reception. Feeling overwhelmed, she decides that school is no longer for her and takes advice from Tyler that lands her in hot water.

Imogen confronts Daniel over his decision to not tell Nate that the recreation area and pool are no longer a part of the Freestyle Estate deal. When Nate sees Imogen, her conscience gets the better of her and she confesses the truth. A fuming Nate demands his money back and Paul’s finances go from bad to worse when a massive tax bill arrives, forcing him to start liquidating assets…

Also, Jimmy is furious over Sheila's remarks about his father and lashes out at Kyle. Amy realises Jimmy needs to know the truth and decides to reveal all. After the mother-son have a heart to heart, Jimmy gives Amy his blessing to date Kyle.