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Maria is arrested in Coronation Street!

MAria connor in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Can Aidan help Maria out of a terrible predicament when the police come calling in Coronation Street?

Eva, Kirk and Jenny look on as Johnny hands over the bloodied scissors to the police. Terrified, Aidan explains to a shocked Johnny that he’s now an accessory to murder as he hid the scissors. The police arrest Maria on suspicion of murder...

Michael tells Anna that Phelan’s planning to do a runner to Mexico, but she doesn’t want to get involved. Michael confronts Phelan alone, telling him he won’t watch him make a fool out of Eileen. Rattled, Phelan later shoves his Mexico ticket in his rucksack, but is Eileen becoming suspicious?

Gary rails at David, telling him that Anna can barely walk because of him. Sarah tries to defend David, but Gary sees red and punches him.

Will Tracy uncover Ken’s mysterious visitor? Meanwhile, Craig decides to confront Seb.