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Porsche makes a shock discovery

Mercedes and Lockie are kissing in his van. Mercedes jumps into the back and starts undressing, only to be interrupted by a furious Porsche knocking on the window – she hasn't seen Mercedes. Later, Porsche's flicking through the photos from her party and sees the one of John Paul... with Lockie and Mercedes kissing in the background!

Meanwhile, Reenie knocks on Cleo's door – she's heartbroken about losing Harry. Pete isn't far behind and Cleo tells her mum she wants more privacy. Instead, Reenie presents Cleo with some contraceptive pills – Pete's idea...

Later, Cleo lies to Porsche that Harry was to blame for her having to get the morning after pill, so Porsche decides to dish out some McQueen justice. Pete urges Cleo to get Harry to cover for her. Harry's hurt when Cleo tells him she's slept with 'someone' else. But he sees how mortified she is when Porsche kicks off and tells them all that it was him but he wants nothing more to do with Cleo.

Sinead and Ste chuck Scott out of the flat but he's desperate to make it up to them for lying about having HIV, so arranges Hannah's Christening. They all return to The Hutch after the service and jealous Harry watches Ste play happy families.

Also, when Darren offers to buy Ben a drink, Maxine sneaks a look at the police file Ben has left on the table at The Dog. She’s horrified to see that Sienna’s DNA was found on Carly’s body. Darren brings this up with Ben, who explains to a frustrated Darren that Sienna isn't a suspect.