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Portillo's Hidden History of Britain – Channel 5

Michael Portillo inside Odeon New Victoria for 4/5 episode of Hidden History of Britain, being shown on Friday 30th November

As the series Portillo's Hidden History of Britain continues on Channel 5, the former politician and history buff visits Bradford's now-abandoned New Victoria cinema to uncover its secrets

The New Victoria Cinema in Bradford was once known as the ‘Palace of Dreams’.

The biggest and most luxurious of its kind outside of London, it united people of all ages and backgrounds as they came together to watch the 1930s phenomenon of talking pictures.

Michael is digging around in the now abandoned shell of the once grand 3,000-seat auditorium and the faded glory of its ballroom to see what impact such a huge building had on the local people.

Portillo's Hidden History of Britain - shows Michael dancing at the Odeon New Victoria

Michael takes to the dance floor at the Odeon New Victoria

Although it’s sad to see the state of the building today, there are, thanks to the local people of Bradford coming together once more, grand plans afoot for this elegant building.

TV Times rating: ****