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Karl discovers Elly is pregnant!

Elly Conway in Neighbours

Will the snake bite effect Elly's unborn baby?

Elly is rushed to hospital after being bitten by a tiger snake where Karl discovers she’s pregnant. The news comes as a complete shock but Elly’s forced to take the anti-vemon, even though it may hurt the baby. Elly asks Susan to contact her ex, Derek, to let him know about his baby – who sadly doesn’t survive. Moved by Elly’s plight, Susan lambasts Karl for his role in escalating the bike path debate.

Xanthe and Ben are both yearning to be with each other. Piper is sympathetic, but points out that his attempt to distract himself with Alison just got serious – she’s posted a status update saying they’re in a relationship. And when Xanthe sees the same message, her heart breaks a little more.

When Sonya and Toadie realise that Clive may have set the snake loose deliberately – Sonya feels compelled to do something. Confronting Clive at The Waterhole, she warns him of the danger his protest posed but Clive fights back, telling her he’s not going to give up.