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Rhiannon goes into labour!

(Image credit: BBC)

Ruhma is called to St Phil’s when Rhiannon goes into early labour. Emma arrives and the baby is born, but he’s not breathing and Ruhma whisks him off to the Recuscitaire. 

Fortunately the baby lets out a cry and the parents have a brief moment to name him Nicholas before Ruhma notifies social services – asking that Rhiannon be able to feed him before he's taken away. Emma is delighted for Rhiannon but tells Ruhma she doesn’t know how much more trauma the new mum can take.

Al goes online to show Jimmi a website about his new obsession Erasmus Darwin, "the greatest polymath of the 18th century", but Jimmi’s eye is drawn to a far more intriguing link in Al’s browsing history. Before Al can stop him, Jimmi’s soon reading about Al Haskey, number 9 in the West Midlands most eligible bachelor list. - and obviously the news is soon spreading round The Mill.