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Rhiannon has a confession to make...

(Image credit: BBC)

Paul's angry, asking why Rhiannon's testified against him. Rob tells Jimmi that the post-mortem is in and gives him a copy to read, asking him to pass on the results to Emma while he talks to Rhiannon. Rob tells Rhiannon that he thinks she shook Nicholas so severely that she killed him and then made it look like an accident.  Rhiannon breaks down and makes her confession. Meanwhile, Jimmi tells Emma he's sorry but Rhiannon's being charged with Nicholas's murder.

As Emma hurries to her car in tears, she bumps into a reporter and blurts out that it’s all her fault. She was the doctor involved in the case… "There's your story. A baby died and it was my fault."

Mrs Tembe is feeling overwhelmed by her 'to do' list when Daniel calls an urgent meeting. Valerie is sympathetic and offers to take the summer fayre off her hands. Mrs Tembe's grateful, and so she's particularly dismayed when Daniel tells her that staffing costs are too high and they're going to have to let Valerie go. Mrs Tembe protests but Daniel sticks to his guns.