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Ricky chooses Nate over Brax

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Ricky decides not to tell Nate about Brax's visit and makes up an excuse to rush off home where she finds Brax waiting for her. Her heart bursts out of her chest when she sees baby Casey and Brax together, but Nate interrupts and, just when he sets eyes on Brax, Kyle walks in and is elated to see his brother. Brax takes Kyle outside and tells him he is leaving. Meanwhile, Nate and Ricky argue so Brax puts things right and tells Nate that he's the only person at fault. Knowing that it's time to leave, Kyle and Ricky wave goodbye to Brax forever.

Later, Dylan spots Ash and Kat talking and, feeling jealous, he threatens Billie, accusing her and Ash of Charlotte's murder. When Ash hears, he storms into the police station and nearly comes to blows with Dylan.

After the heated exchange, Dylan and Kat call Phoebe in for questioning, where she admits that Ash left the wedding ceremony early, which leads to Ash's arrest on suspicion of murdering Charlotte.