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Ronnie worries that Jack is cheating!

EastEnders Ronnie Mitchell Roxy Mitchell Jack Branning
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Roxy’s accusation prompts Ronnie to confront her fiance Jack in EastEnders

Ronnie is stunned by Roxy’s accusation that Jack is having an affair with Honey. Although Ronnie insists immediately that Roxy has got it wrong, something niggles in the back of her mind. Ronnie confronts Jack with her worries. Will he admit what’s going on?

Denise despairs when Kim decides she’s going to be her birthing partner and puts her name on Denise’s birth plan. After returning from a visit to the midwife, Denise tries to get Kim to change her mind.

Billy and Jay are under pressure on the day of Dennis’s school friend Eddie’s funeral. With Dennis feeling low, Phil tries to comfort him. Meanwhile, Ian and Jane have a day out in London. Kathy, Stacey and Lauren are in a panic when they receive a call to say there’s been an accident. Are Jane and Ian OK?

Also, Bex and Shakil talk things through and agree it's time to take things further...