Ruby's drug habit ends in disaster

At the NYE party in the pub, Ruby mistakes a conversation between Frankie and Ziggy for something more. She heads to the toilets with her drugs, but Frankie walks in on her. Later, the evidence of Ruby's drug habit falls out onto the floor in front of Ziggy. She further embarrasses herself when she interrupts Tom's birthday speech and trips and falls into the buffet table - ruining Tom's cake. She flees the pub and takes more drugs, but she has a heart attack! Ziggy finds Ruby and as the paramedics use the defibrillator on her, Darren, Tom and Jack are shocked to hear what she's taken. At the hospital, Jack blames Ziggy and with a sidewards glance at Frankie, Ziggy knows there's worse that Jack doesn't know.

Robbie tells Diane that Finn has been struggling with his sexuality and stayed the night with John Paul. Diane believes him when she sees John Paul and Finn together and reports the teacher to Patrick.

John Paul sees a drugged-up Finn, balancing on top of the village arch. He talks the teen down and Finn promises to stay away from Robbie. Later, Tom tells Nancy about Ruby. Desperate for the truth about Frankie and Ziggy to come out, Darren takes Nancy to see the teen. Nancy tells everyone about Frankie's affair.

Tilly wants to be with Chloe and decides to stop leading Esther on. However, when she hears about Ruby, she knows it'll be a while before she can break up with the blonde.


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