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Ruhma risks everything

(Image credit: BBC)

Can Ruhma save Besa and the baby?

When Ruhma has finished filming her part for the Christmas video, she heads off to the hospital to find that Besa has gone in labour. As Ruhma supports Besa through a difficult labour, she also has to keep the authorities away before they become suspicious. However, it soon becomes clear that an immigration officer could be hovering around the hospital, so will Ruhma's good deed go unpunished?

Finally, Heston is becoming suspicious of Ruhma's cagey behaviour and his concerns are heightened when Ayesha and Karen act out of character when Ruhma's name is mentioned...

The pressure of the Christmas video is becoming unbearable for Sid, and as a result, Jimmi is feeling the pressure to produce a cracking video for the Christmas single. Will Jimmi deliver?