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Ryan drugs and kidnaps Phoebe!

Ryan breaks into Phoebe's house, leaves a white rose on the bed and waits behind the door for her return. When Phoebe gets back into the bedroom, the rose on the bed distracts her and Ryan sneaks up and drugs her with chloroform.

Sasha spends the night in The Diner working on her university presentation with Matt. The following morning Sasha realises she has overslept and has missed the bus back to the city. She calls her tutor, but he says she must hand in her presentation in person or risk failing and losing 15% of her final grade. Matt convinces Irene to let him borrow her car and they race back to the city. Will Sasha make it on time?

Roo tells Zac that Maddy wants to return to school, despite missing the majority of her classes. Zac worries it will be too much for her, but decides to give her a chance.

VJ gets into a fight with Jett, as he still struggling to come to terms with the Leah's health. Zac and John both agree he needs a healthy outlet for his anger and enrol both the boys in boxing class.