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Has Sacha endangered Ric in Holby City with his good deed?

Holby Sacha Danny

Have his kind-hearted actions done more harm than good?

Sacha Levy tries to help a friend in need – but it looks like his good deed could turn out to have serious consequences. It all begins when prison inmate Danny Fincher (pictured) is admitted with injuries that suggest he's been badly beaten. Knowing Danny's in the same prison where Ric's on remand awaiting trial, Donna tells Sacha she's concerned about their friend and colleague. When Danny reveals he knows Ric, Sacha's worried, too!

When a scan reveals Danny's injuries are worse than he thought, Sacha wants to know more. But prison officer Luke Butler – who must stay with the prisoner at all times – just dismisses Danny as a troublemaker. After the scan, Danny secretly tells Sacha that Ric wants him to visit him in prison, alone.

Sacha's unsure whether to trust the words of a convicted criminal but follows Danny's instructions. At the prison, he's horrified as Ric emerges from his cell struggling to walk and with stitches in his lip. Ric urges him to keep Danny at Holby for as long as he can and his own family away from the prison.

Back at the hospital, he demands that Danny tells him who's hassling Ric inside. When he refuses to "grass", Sacha asks Luke if he'll keep an eye out for Ric when he returns to the prison. He's suspicious, though, when Danny takes a turn for the worse and Sacha later discovers his hospital equipment had been tampered with. Has he confided in the wrong person in a bid to protect his friend?

Meanwhile, Jac has filled her schedule on her first day back in surgery, but is wrong-footed when Professor Gaskell challenges her with a complicated cross-specialism case. Frieda can only watch as Jac powers through - but will she come to regret it?

Also, Essie gets an unexpected and unwanted surprise when she discovers she’s been left money from late husband Raf. As Gaskell supports Essie as she mulls over what to do with this burden, she finally comes to a big decision about what to do with the cash.

Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

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