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Sarah’s the new barmaid at the Rovers

Sarah manages to talk Steve round and becomes the latest barmaid to grace the Rovers Return, which gives Callum the perfect opportunity to flirt with her. Meanwhile, Bethany is unfazed when Nick tells her to go back to school.

Sophie becomes frustrated when her dad believes Jenny when she tells them that Maria slapped her, and not vice versa. Desperate for someone to believe her, Sophie tries to get Maddie on side, but when even she thinks Sophie is over-reacting, Sophie storms off to her mum’s.

Chesney struggles to hide his jealousy towards Sam and, picking up on this, Sam makes his excuses and leaves. But when Sam approaches Chesney outside the chippy, Chesney is pacified when Sam promises to stay out of the way.

Cathy calls to see Roy in the cafe, but leaves in a hurry when Roy suggests a drink in the Rovers.