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Sasha assumes Matt has cheated

Evie agrees when Matt challenges her to a midnight swim and takes up his innocent offer to crash on the couch. But when Sasha appears the next morning and finds Evie in her boyfriend's shirt, she assumes the worst.

Following Kyle's disastrous meeting with Nieve, Phoebe insists on negotiating herself. She impresses Nieve with her bolshy confidence, but Phoebe's convinced she's blown it. But when Nieve hunts her down and offers her an amended contract, Phoebe can't believe it. Thanking Nieve for believing in her, Phoebe prepares for her very first recording session in the city.  

When John learns Jett would rather study with VJ, he tells Marilyn that he's beginning to feel obsolete. But Marilyn points out that the reason Jett is such a smart kid is due to his amazing fathering skills.

Chris asks Spencer to go on a night on the town to meet some cool chicks and Spencer attracts the eye of Monique, a gorgeous traveller from the city. Later, Monique texts Chris and asks for Spencer's number.