Sean loses it when Rachel confesses everything

Janet is horrified to get home to find Rachel and Kevin having sex at her house. Livid, Janet storms in and demands that they both leave immediately. Janet shouts at Rachel to get into her car. The pair have a blazing row, with Janet labelling Rachel as 'disgusting'. Their friendship is in tatters, and at work the next day, the pair all but ignore each other.

Meanwhile, the body of a man who was reported missing turns up behind a row of shops. Kenneth Valentine's death is very suspicious, and the team get to work trying to discover the truth. Scott and Bailey go to speak to Kenneth's son, who reveals that on the night that Kenneth died, the pair had a big fight. Immediately, he becomes a suspect in the murder enquiry.

Then, after work, Rachel arranges to meet up with husband Sean. She confesses everything to him, and he understandably reacts really badly. He then ends up telling her that he hates her.

Back at work, a frosty Rachel and Janet begin to brief Gill on the ongoing investigation with Mr Valentine. At that moment, Sean bursts into the office and attacks Kevin, shouting at him for sleeping with his wife. It causes Gill to come face to face with Rachel, saying that she's sick of her dragging her personal mess into the workplace, putting her professional position in jeopardy. However, she does say that she is prepared to give Rachel more of a chance, as long as she puts a stop to her behaviour.

Then, later on, Gill announces that she has some really shocking news to tell everyone about Kevin. It turns out that he's the mole who has been leaking information to the press.