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Shabnam is attacked by a girl gang!

(Image credit: BBC/Steve Peskett)

Shabnam arrives at the community centre to find it trashed, confronting three teen girls about the damage. Leaving Nancy and Kush to clean up, Shabnam returns home. When Nancy pushes Kush for answers about his feelings for Stacey, he claims that Stacey made a move on him, but he rejected her. Later, Stacey confesses to Nancy that there's chemistry between her and Kush, prompting Nancy to warn her to stay well away from him. Shabnam is attacked by the teen girl gang. Left alone, Kush and Stacey can't resist each other.

Shirley can't lie to Dean any longer, confessing that they've arranged for Jade to visit. Rattled, Dean insists they cancel it. Confronting Dean in Blades, Shirley wants to understand why he won't see Jade, encouraging him to be there for his daughter. Later, Dean tells a delighted Shirley - and worried Buster - that he wants to meet Jade.

Liam is suspicious when he sees Cindy wearing a new dress, sharing his worries with Carol about how she could have got hold of it. A guilty Carol is forced to confess that Jane is paying for them to look after Cindy. Shocked by the news, Liam worries that they aren't being honest with Cindy.