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Has Shakil lost Bex to Travis?

EastEnders Shakil

When Shakil tries to win round Bex, he’s disappointed to find her already busy...

*One-hour episode *

Shakil is still missing Bex, but trying to hide his feelings. Realising his brother is hurting, Kush encourages Shakil to connect with Bex again. When he heads round to see her, however, he’s left fuming to discover her with Travis. After Mean Girls Madison and Alexandra find out about Bex talking to Travis, they’re soon stirring things with Louise. Bex is taken aback when Louise has a go at her, accusing her of trying it on with Travis.

Also, Shirley and Johnny are on the case to arrange another theme night in The Vic. This time the Carters decide to go for a Polish evening. Not knowing much about what a Polish evening entails, Shirley and Johnny go to local Polish store owner Konrad for some tips.

Billy is concerned about Jack’s request to the funeral parlour. After Billy’s attempt to confront Jack just provokes him, it’s left to Max to intervene. Max gives Jack some good advice. Later, Stacey also has words with Jack about his decision. Meanwhile, Kathy finds out that the students are being kicked out of No.18 and encourages Ben and Jay to go and look at the flat, offering to help them with a deposit. The house is a tip, but Ben and Jay jump at the chance.

Also, Jane is relieved when Dot convinces Ian to go for his health check, but later gets some disappointing news.