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Shocks aplenty at Leela's party!

It's Leela's birthday and Tegan's jealous as Ziggy spoils his wife. However, Leela's suspicious of Tegan and swipes her phone – telling Ste she's going to get proof that Tegan and Ziggy are in love. Meanwhile, Mac tells Ellie about Alfie's collapse and is concerned when he realises his son has gone missing. Ellie finds her brother at the coffee shop - he’s convinced he’s got cancer. Tegan gives Alfie advice based on her own experience and suggests he make a vlog about what he's going through. Later, Tegan's delighted to tell Alfie he doesn't have cancer.

Tegan tells Ziggy nothing can ever happen between them but, having spotted their awkwardness, Ellie tells Tegan to make a list of '10 things I hate about Ziggy' to get over him, while Ziggy tells Robbie he can't stop thinking about Tegan. Later, Leela's drunk at her party in The Dog and announces to her guests that she and Ziggy are going to start trying for a baby. Ziggy can't cope and accidentally tells everyone that he's in love with Tegan!

Joanne tells Louis she's leaving and asks him to meet her for coffee to say goodbye. When Louis gives her the wrong impression about them, though, she’s left thinking they could have a future. Louis tells Simone the new baby will be a second chance for them, while Joanne decides to stay and starts looking for flats in Chester.

As soon as Jason is out of the way, Holly texts Robbie. Later, Holly meets Jason in the coffee shop where he's sat with Nico. As Nico burns with jealousy, has Holly made a new enemy?

Also, Theresa tells Lisa her secret is safe, for now…


Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

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