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Sienna confides in Joel, but Warren's following


Sienna meets Joel in secret in Hollyoaks - but is Warren hot on her tail?

Sienna meets Joel in a bar and asks him to spend the day with her for support. She sees that Warren has followed her, but he hasn't seen Joel, so Sienna drags Warren home. However, Warren later finds a text from 'J' on Sienna's phone…

Lisa panics when she gets an urgent message from Nathan to come and see him - does he know she cheated? Over at the Lovedays, Louis finds out that Simone has filed for divorce.

As Ste, Amy and Ryan prepare for the custody hearing, Ste's hopeful things will go his way after his and Amy's bonding day yesterday – but Amy says she still wants to go for full custody. What will the judge decide?

Also, Goldie urges sons Prince and Hunter to be on their best behaviour. We know this isn't going to end well…