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Sonia takes action over the bullying!

EastEnders Bex Sonia
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Sonia wants Bex to tell her the whole truth about the bullying... Will she find out about Louise?

Sonia talks to Bex about what’s been happening to her, pushing her for information. When Sonia learns that Louise has been involved in bullying Bex, she is outraged. At the Easter Fayre, Sonia causes a commotion when she storms over to confront Louise and things get heated.

A worried Martin heads home to comfort a tearful Bex. Sonia, still fuming about the bullying, tells Martin that she’s going to the school to sort things out. When Louise’s involvement in the bullying is fully revealed, Louise feels terrible, especially when Sharon gives her a harsh reality check about her behaviour.

Denise freezes when Kush says he loves her! Confiding in Kim, Denise reveals that although she has strong feelings for Kush, she’s not ready to say the ‘L’ word just yet. Will she change her mind?

Also, Shirley opens up to the reverend about not wanting to go to Sylvie’s funeral. Will talking about it encourage her to go after all?