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Sonya is bitten by a spider

Sonya is bitten by a red-back spider and, as the symptoms kick in, she's unable to collect Toadie as planned. He's worried and unable to wheel himself up the street to get to her aid. Karl comes to the rescue and identifies the bite immediately and, as Sonya's condition deteriorates, he tells Toadie to call an ambulance.

Toadie and Sonya can't get a babysitter, so Paige offers to take Nell for the day. But she unwittingly gives Nell a sugar high and then laments that she won't be a good enough aunt for Amber, who needs her more than ever. Susan manages to tame Nell and reminds Paige that she'll be at great auntie.

Lauren and Brad's living arrangements are getting negative feedback from the kids and when Karl and Susan give them some home truths, they realise they have acted in haste. But before they can renege on the plan, they realise the damage is done: Terese knows. She tells Brad and Lauren she is not moving to Eclipse anymore, so they can look her in the eye every day.