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Sophie attacks Nate

Nate tells Sophie she needs medical help but when Nate turns away, she hits him over the head with a heavy object. He wakes up to find himself tied up and Sophie pouring petrol around the room while holding a lighted candle. Nate begs her to let him go, but Sophie wants him to prove his love.

Kyle asks John to organise a bus to take people to Pheobe's gig and Denny makes an announcement in The Diner. Sasha decides to go as do Evelyn and Denny. Brax sees Josh moping at Angelo's and encourages him to try and sort things out with Evelyn.

Neive tells her assistant that Phoebe won't be performing and the pair discusses what will happen to Ash and Andy. Later, Neive insists Phoebe drinks some champagne before heading on stage and an oblivious Phoebe drinks the drink unaware it's been spiked.