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Ballistic Stacey fights with Carmel after huge kids row!

EastEnders - Stacey Carmel
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Stacey throws Carmel out of the house after a row about the children gets out of hand, elsewhere Karen and Keanu are really feeling the pinch

Stacey is in more and more of a state having to cope alone without Martin, who is still in prison. A worried Whitney and Woody offer to help out. They fear they’ve made things worse, however, when they take the kids out and Stacey goes ballistic! Carmel drops by and is concerned when Stacey snaps at Lily. Carmel intervenes, prompting Stacey to drag Carmel outside to have a go at her... just as Martin returns home!

Michelle is fuming when Tom sends her flowers even though she’s made it clear she’s not interested. Tom then turns up in the Square to see her and Michelle is blunt with him. Thinking she’s put a stop to things, Michelle is relieved, not realising Tom is still hanging around and watching her...

Karen and Keanu are really feeling the pinch and need some money fast. Running out of options, Karen makes a call... How far has she gone to raise some cash? Meanwhile, Bernadette comes home from school in a state.

Also, Dennis and Phil are delighted when a date for the adoption hearing is confirmed.