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Stacey's baby arrives during the Nativity!

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Stacey has been sent back from hospital after her waters broke to wait for the labour to start properly. Heading to the Nativity play to see Lily in action, Stacey's contractions get steadily stronger. With the play underway, Stacey soon realises the baby is really on its way and she gives birth! As everyone celebrates the new arrival, one resident puts two and two together and comes to a startling realisation.

Ronnie realises things have reached critical between the Hubbards and Mitchells, and tries to put an end to the deadly feud. When things don't go to plan she's forced to choose a side and end things once and for all. After making her decision, Ronnie takes drastic action.

Sharon and Jane come to blows over Bobby's recent behaviour. After learning that Bobby pushed Jane down the stairs, Sharon is worried that Bobby could seriously harm someone again. Sharon drops a bombshell that threatens to tear the Beales apart...

Also, Billy decides to propose to Honey, but as he's about to take the plunge, Tina interrupts with the news about Stacey's baby.