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Ste is back on drugs in Hollyoaks!

As desperate Ste Hay hits rock bottom, can he be saved from total self-destruction in Hollyoaks...?

Nico's unconscious in hospital with a panic-stricken Maxine and Sienna by her side. When Nico wakes up, Sienna considers letting her move back into the flat. Meanwhile, the police raid The Tugboat, and Peri’s horrified when she realises the meth belonged to Ste. As Cameron promises Peri she won't have to live with Ste any more, Harry finds Ste curled up on the kitchen floor and realises he's back on drugs.

Meanwhile, Diane's having last-minute nerves about saying goodbye to Rose. Tegan meets Diane in The Bean and asks her not to go but realises it’s Diane’s dream. As Tony and Diane are getting into the taxi, a desperate Harry rushes towards them begging for help with Ste. Tony heads to the Lomaxes’, giving up everything to help Ste kick his habit, as Diane gets into the taxi and leaves for France with the twins.

Also, Zack, Cleo and Holly are delighted when Lisa tells them she's booked everyone tickets to Ibiza using money from The Tugboat.