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Ste considers his future with Harry

Ste tells Harry about his CD4 count and Harry promises to be there for him. Ste turns up at Harry's 18th birthday party in The Loft and is conscious of Tony watching them. Harry makes a speech and tries to kiss Ste, who runs away. Zack, Cleo and Tony chase Harry as he goes after Ste but Harry's left heartbroken when Ste breaks up with him.

Meanwhile, Ben tells Jason they need to examine the bodies of the Gloved Hand's victims, which means digging up Rick's grave. When Jason remembers that he and Joe buried the gun there that was used to shoot Phoebe, Jason asks Holly to get the gun before the police do. Holly finds the gun just as Ben arrives.

Jason's relieved when Holly arrives with the gun and he tells her about Phoebe. Holly's horrified and calls him a coward before running into Robbie's arms and kissing him.