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Ste goes berserk!

Still coming to terms with his HIV diagnosis, Ste turns up at Connor's student house wanting revenge. Leela, Tegan and John Paul arrive to find Ste hanging Connor over the stairwell. Later, Ste tells his sisters he has HIV.

Meanwhile, there's a new development in Mercedes' murder case when Kim tells Lindsey about the knife she found in Freddie's office. Freddie goes to get the knife from Kim's locker at the hospital - but Porsche sees him...

Porsche and Celine are surprised when their little sister, Cleo, turns up in the village. Dylan and Nico graffiti the school but Nico leaves him and Cleo holding the spray paint when Patrick turns up!

Also, Grace, Trevor and Esther share an emotional moment when they see their baby for the first time at a scan.