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Hollyoaks murder trial: will Ste Hay be found guilty of killing Amy?

Ste hollyoaks
(Image credit: Graham Morris)

As the jury emerge from their deliberations, will they find Ste Hay guilty or not guilty of Amy's murder?

As Ryan and Mike try to stop Kathy taking Leah and Lucas away, the jury reaches their verdict in Ste's trial. Will he be found guilty of Amy's murder? Good Morning Britain's Kate Garraway reports on the end of the trial.

Meanwhile, Zack encourages Lisa to go for it with Brody when he sees their chemistry, despite her promise to be a surrogate for Louis and Simone. Later, Lisa makes a big decision…

Also, Lily has self-harmed again. When Prince sees the bandage on her arm, he quizzes her on what's happened. At home, Lily gets an almighty urge to cut herself – will she be able to resist?