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Steph gets a blast from the past

Steph Scully in Neighbours

Belinda returns to Ramsay Street

Toadie has a meeting with Belinda where it’s revealed that an anonymous benefactor has hired Toadie to help her get her nurse’s registration back. Meanwhile, Mark talks to his brothers about having Steph’s ex girlfriend in town. At the Waterhole, Paul tells Belinda he’s her benefactor and that he brought her to town so she can break up Steph and Mark.

Piper decides to bite the bullet and tell Terese that Tyler taking her to the dance. Terese flat out refuses to allow them to go on a date, and Piper offers up an ultimatum – if she can’t go with Tyler, she’s not going with anyone but Terese won’t budge.

Shocked by the image she’s found of Amy working as a lingerie cleaner, Madison tries to kill the story, but her editor wants it. Devastated at being sacked, Madison tries to do the right thing by warning Ryan Prescott to wipe his website. Later, Terese learns Madison has lost her job and offers her the role of her assistant. Paul’s not happy to learn Madison has wasted the opportunity he won for her, but Madison is pleased she did the right thing.