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Steve and Michelle say goodbye to Ruairi (VIDEO)

Michelle Connor in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Steve and Michelle finally come together to say a final goodbye to their child in Corrie.

Steve enters the Chapel of Rest to find Michelle asleep on a chair. Steve gazes emotionally at Ruairi’s tiny body in the coffin. Promising never to mention the kiss, Robert heads off. Michelle tells Steve that she wants the funeral to be a private affair with just the two of them.

Liz is horrified to realise that the Moses basket she ordered for Ruairi has arrived. Leanne’s touched when Liz offers it to her and when she feels her baby kick, she allows Liz to feel it too.

Adam suggests if Alya can do some digging and help him with his case against the Connors, he’ll make it worth her while. When Alya suggests she deserves a promotion, Aidan’s dismissive. Has this pushed Alya to make the deal with Adam?

Roy and Shona are interrupted by the arrival of Brian with all his worldly goods in tow.


Watch this clip from the episode.