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Does Susan trust Karl?

Susan tells Toadie her fears...

Susan tells Toadie about her fears regarding Izzy, and Toadie says that maybe she needs to trust Karl more. After her discussion with Toadie, Susan decides to speak to Karl about her fears and Karl reassures Susan that she's the only woman he wants.

Meanwhile, Ben and Mark are on their way to the garage when they notice an old car parked out the front. Ben sees an envelope on the windscreen and it's addressed to him. Is Ben in for a great surprise?

Steph is left deflated when Toadie tells her that her visa to Fiji has been revoked due to the criminal charges she received from trashing Jack's flat. Toadie knows how devastated Steph is, as she can no longer visit Charlie, so he decides to cheer her up. Will his plan work?

Also, Paul is on cloud nine. He's impressed with how Amy is handling the Robinson Heights project and couldn’t be happier to have all his children around. As Paul, David, Leo and Amy spend time together they bump into a potential love interest for David who goes by the name of Rafael…