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Tank attacks Josh!

Evelyn manages to send Josh a map of her location but Tank sees her and the pair get into a nasty fight. Evelyn manages to escape but as she runs through bush, she hears him menacingly calling her name. Evelyn continues to run when someone grabs her - it's Josh, who's come to save her. Evelyn apologises to everyone and Oscar tells her that Josh still loves her, leaving her overwhelmed. When Josh arrives to see Evelyn, Tank comes from behind and hits him over the head, leaving him for dead.

Roo tells James that Megan confronted her, but he tells Roo he doesn't want to be in an unhappy marriage. Roo's guilt rears its ugly head again, though, when James gets a phone call from his daughter.                       

Maddy and Oscar tell Roo that Evelyn has been found. However, the conversation comes to a halt when James arrives and Maddy brands him a liar. Maddy's outburst hits home and James tells Roo that his parents have died, prompting her to end their relationship one and for all.