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Terese discovers Shay’s secret

Terese's suspicions are raised when Shay asks to see the files of the Lassiters staff. When Terese catches up with Susan, she discovers Shay hasn't been completely honest about who she is. Terese opens Shay's handbag to find a picture of Terese holding a young girl's hand and she suddenly realises Shay is the young girl in the picture…

A concerned Josh turns to Doug after Amber tells him he can no longer be trusted to look after Matilda. Doug tells Amber about his concerns and she and Josh have heart to heart. She gives Josh a chance to redeem himself by babysitting Matilda. At the last minute he bails to get a busted taillight fixed, when he discovers Aaron is searching for the culprit who ran Paul and Steph off the road.

Sheila receives verbal confirmation that she is eligible for a home loan to buy her house. However, Nate bursts her bubble when he points out that Kyle and Amy are not staying long term, leaving her with a hefty mortgage.