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Terese’s brothers in town

Karl's interviewing a potential new doctor for the hospital and Terese is shocked to discover it’s her brother Nick. Brad isn’t happy when Terese invites Nick to dinner, and after he arrives and they’re left alone, Brad and Nick can barely contain their hostility. It appears they both share a secret, something serious to do with Terese.

Georgia tells him she can’t bear the idea of losing another child and although Kyle understands, it’s clear he’s only trying to make her feel better. Georgia is worried and suggests they each make a pre-baby bucket list.

Nate gets upset when he realises everyone thinks he’s the undie-snatcher, but Chris proves his trust in Nate when arrives with a nest made from underwear – he found it thanks to advice from local bird watchers.

Paul announces in his Erinsborough Festival ad that he’s got a big name act lined up for the closing concert. In reality, he hasn’t booked anyone. When he tells Naomi he’s lined up Nina Tucker, she’s thrilled but doesn’t realise that her definition of ‘booked' isn’t the same as Paul’s...