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The police come for Brax

Phoebe asks Neive why she hasn't called the police and accuses her of spiking her drink. When she denies this, Pheobe decides to call the police. Ash is sent an indecent video of Phoebe, leaving her distraught. Later, Neive arrives claiming she has fired Grant and her lawyers are not involved. Yet Ricky overhears Neive planning to cash in on the publicity from the video. Afterwards, Kyle comes out of his coma and Phoebe fills him in on the video. The Braxtons face more bad news when Brax is arrested for the murder of Dean. 

Ash spots an attractive lady, who pays him no attention. However, when Brax spots the young lady in a police uniform and realises its Kat he tells Ash to stay away.

John is furious with Jett for stealing the Polaris, so he goes to the caravan park to rectify his mistake, and later confesses he stole the Polaris to help cheer VJ up.