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The Roscoes are furious with Uncle Ken

The Roscoes are aghast to hear of their brother's recent torment. As Robbie tells them he ran away from his auntie's because his Uncle Ken touched him inappropriately. The Roscoe boys are furious when they find out about their Uncle Ken and swear to get revenge. They soon get their chance when their worried auntie and uncle turn up at the house looking for their nephew.

The McQueens are left utterly broken by the week's events. At home, Browning frees Mercedes from the bathroom, she's inconsolable when he reveals he's killed Myra and she manages to grab the gun. She surprises them both when she fires it at her husband, but he manages to dodge the bullet. She flees, with him hot on her tail, threatening to make her his third victim...

A distraught Phoebe has to reconcile with the idea that George is gay.

Elsewhere, the threat of Trevor still hangs strong.