The Roscoes are in deep water!

Dr S'Avage is shocked when he finds out who the Gloved Hand is after their first murder of the week. He races to tell Ben and calls Cindy with the Gloved Hand in pursuit. Elsewhere, Trevor is moments from getting hold of Robbie, but Jason pushes him away. Trevor pursues the twins and fires a shot at them in the middle of Pride. As Trevor’s shot hits one of the lighting rigs, the crowd scatters but then disaster strikes when the rig crashes down on top of Dr S'Avage... before he gets chance to tell Cindy and Ben about the Gloved Hand.

Meanwhile, Robbie and Jason manage to flee Trevor and jump into Freddie's car, prompting Trevor to steal a car and go after them. With Trevor in hot pursuit, the Roscoe brothers are relieved when they reach a bridge... but then realise the road ahead is blocked. Faced with a life or death situation to escape Trevor, the trio jump off the viaduct into the water below. When Trevor can’t see them, he's satisfied they’re dead and leaves. Freddie and Robbie re-surface, but Jason's nowhere to be seen. They spot him on the bank but are swept away in the rapids trying to reach him. Jason gets swept away, too, then sees they're all heading for a storm drain. As the brothers get sucked in, they're trapped. Will they make it out alive?

Back at Hollyoaks Pride, Dr S'Avage cries for help but the Gloved Hand appears wearing a 'Tony' mask and injects him, unaware they've been seen by little Charlie. Ben arrives at the scene as the Gloved Hand makes their escape, and there's a glimpse of long dark hair. When Dr S'Avage is found by Cindy, Dirk and Ben, they rush him to hospital. Cindy rambles on about him not being safe there but her words are ignored by Dirk and Holly. Later, they're all stunned when Kim tells them Dr S'Avage didn’t make it!

Tony's stunned by the revelation about Ste and Harry, and Diane’s furious that Ste’s affair is clearly the reason Sinead left. Tony has a go at Ste but Harry can't take anymore and storms out. Ste follows Harry to the Boarding House, but Harry tells him they’re over. Ste sees John Paul in the village and tries to apologise, but John Paul doesn't want to hear it.

Also, Mercedes is torn over what to do, but decides there’s only one answer. She goes to see Joe and suggests they make a go of being together, sealing their love with a kiss!


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