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The tide turns against Brax in court

Brax's lawyer obtains reports that prove Dean beat up Sam, giving Sam a motive to kill him. However, Sam tells the court that Dean owed Ash money, giving Brax and Ash motive to kill. The judge immediately grants the police a search warrant and they find a duffle bag full of cash - the money that Ash hid at Angelo's.

As if the Braxton family don't have enough on their plate. Ricky is facing life as a single mum, while Kyle is still worried that his singing career could be coming to an end. If that wasn't enough Pheobe's psycho stalker Ryan decides to takes things to things to the next level. How? By sneaking in the Braxtons' house while everyone is at court to plant a hidden camera in her bedroom.

Also, Spencer is getting carried away with Maddy's Colour Run fundraiser. In fact, he's becoming so invested that he has started skipping school, which leaves both Irene and Chris worried.