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Theresa and Zack are caught in the act!

As Theresa and Zack get closer and kiss, Lisa walks in on them half-naked on the floor of The Tugboat and asks them to leave - her heart breaking now she's fallen for her fake brother. Zack brags to Kyle about his morning with Theresa but Kyle pockets Zack's phone, which has a risque picture of Theresa on it from earlier. Lisa gets the phone back and, when Theresa pushes her too far, Lisa sends the photo viral…

Sienna asks Patrick whether he wants to spend what little time he has left being bitter and vengeful. Maxine tells Patrick she's standing by him and just wants Minnie to have nice memories of them as a family. Has she done enough to save herself from Patrick’s plan?

After being rescued by Jason yesterday, it seems Nico's developing a crush on the policeman. Determined to find out if there's a killer on the loose, Jason goes to the hospital and searches the locker room to find clues. Later, Nico goes to the Roscoes’ and, when she sees Jason’s evidence board, she quizzes him on what he's doing.

Also, Lockie and Mercedes clash again – but has he taken it too far this time?