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Tom Cunningham makes a drastic decision

Ellis Hollins plays Tom Cunningham

When Tom Cunningham hears about Peri bullying Jade in Hollyoaks, he decides to issue his own brand of justice...

Worried about her safety with Warren around, Nico asks Peri if she can stay with her. Peri looks after baby Steph but Jade tells Tom about Peri bullying her. Furious, Tom tells Peri he’s moving to London if he gets the right GCSE results – and he doesn’t want her anywhere near Steph!

As one family waits anxiously at the hospital for news on a loved one who is in a life and death situation, Warren tells Sienna the bullet was meant for her. Meanwhile, Adam blames Warren for the shooting and storms off to find him. Liam wants to speak with Grace alone when he wakes up, while Warren realises that Grace set him up. It’s too late for Warren, however, when DS Armstrong turns up to arrest him.

Also, Mercedes is worried that Myra thinks her wedding is a joke and wants to show Joe how much he means to her.

And, when Jesse buys Celine a teddy bear, she gives him a gift of her own in the hospital store cupboard…