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Millionaire! Tom turns 18 and discovers he’s inherited an absolute fortune!

Ellis Hollins Tom Cunningham Hollyoaks inherits fortune

As Tom's 18th birthday arrives, he's stunned to discover he's a millionaire!

It’s Tom’s 18th birthday and the Cunningham clan pull out all the stops to make it a special occasion.

As his friends and family arrange a special party at The Loft, Tom is delighted by all the effort they’ve gone to.

However he’s got an even bigger surprise in store when he finds out now he’s turned 18, he’s inherited over a million pounds from his parents Gordon and Helen who were tragically killed in a car crash. He certainly wasn’t expecting that!

As the partying gets underway, one person who has pound signs glinting in her eyes, is trouble-making vixen Darcy. What plan has she got up her sleeve to get her hands on some of rich Tom’s whopping trust-fund?

Elsewhere, Adam convinces Esther to tell Grace that she still has feelings for her. But what will Grace’s reaction be when a love-sick Esther pours out her heart?