Tony kicks off Hollyoaks Pride!

Tony declares 'Hollyoaks Pride' open with a fanfare of fireworks and fancy dress. As John Paul wonders if he should tell Tony about Harry's 'obsession' with him, Celine works out John Paul's still in love with Ste, but John Paul is stunned when he sees Ste and Harry together. As Tony takes to the stage to thank everyone who's helped with the event, he calls Ste to come up but he's nowhere to be seen... until resentful John Paul reveals Ste and Harry kissing passionately to the whole crowd!

Meanwhile, Trevor's all packed and ready for a new life away from Hollyoaks with Grace and Curtis but he's unaware that Grace is working with Robbie Roscoe to destroy him. Having been goaded by Grace into finding Robbie, Trevor turns up at the garage and punches Robbie in the gut, prompting Robbie to admit he's working with Grace so she can run off with Curtis. Trevor returns to the flat and, with Grace now missing, he realises Robbie was right. Later, as Robbie says goodbye to Holly, Trevor is watching him – armed with a gun…

Ashley's in hospital, having suffered a haemorrhage, and Ben's been at her bedside all night. Meanwhile, Sienna and Nico are waiting for Ashley to wake up in case she tells Ben they killed Carly, and Sienna urges Dr S'Avage to find a way to keep Ashley quiet. Dr S'Avage sets up CCTV in Ashley's room so he can see when she wakes up – but he misses the moment and Ashley leaves a voicemail for Ben. Sienna intercepts the message and deletes it. Unfortunately, by the time Dr S'Avage gets to Ashley's room, the Gloved Hand has already paid her a visit…

Also, as Mercedes and Freddie prepare to flee to Valencia, Freddie realises Mercedes hasn't told Joe and they're rumbled when Joe overhears their hushed conversation. Joe's heartbroken when Mercedes says it would never have worked between them. Later, Joe comes to say goodbye to Freddie and tells him to look after Mercedes and their baby.


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