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Tony kisses Tegan!

Tony sends Tegan a soppy text about Rose, but she thinks it’s about her, so when he bumps in to Tegan, he realises she thinks he has feelings for her. Later, Tony nearly faints and Simone says he looks like he's got German measles. The penny drops for Diane and she realises he's been seeing Rose. Tony takes advantage of Tegan's feelings for him and invites Diane to come and see Rose while he's babysitting. Elsewhere, Ziggy tries to convince Tegan that Tony is using her. When she confronts Tony he denies it and kisses her, as Diane looks on...

Meanwhile, Holly tells the Sixth Formers about the mysterious Zoe. Elsewhere, Dirk masquerades as Chester Literary Society on the phone to Cindy, telling her she’s won a writer’s competition. At the coffee shop, Dirk confides in Louis, unaware Cindy’s Dictaphone is recording their conversation. Simone finds the recorder and listens to Dirk’s confession.

Also at the coffee shop, Holly messages 'Zoe'. Holly notices a message arrive on a phone where Louis Loveday is sat and is alarmed to think Louis is 'Zoe'. She goes round to the Lovedays’ house, where she finds a folder containing pictures of young women.

And Grace is doing her best to convince Kim that she’s in love with her.